How Much More That Face Will Mean

Wedding Dreams © 2001 Maria Elkins, All Rights Reserved, Used With Permission

Verse 1:
At the shining June wedding
Of a dear family friend
I sat with my young daughter
At the service’s end
And I watched her eyes dart
Over garlands and bows
As her fancy
Whirled where it chose

And she said

Chorus 1:
Mommy, oh Mommy,
One day that will be me
And I’ll wear a white dress
And with flowers so pretty
I’ll walk over rose petals
Down a white aisle
And oh, how big I will smile!
I just can’t wait for the day
When that’s me.

Verse 2:
When she’d spun out her dreams
Like a dress in a twirl
I bent with a laugh
To kiss my little girl
Who in the fantasy she wove
Out of sparkles and lace
Still left someone
Without a place

And I said

Chorus 2:
Oh, my sweet baby,
All those things are good
But they’ll all fade away
The moment you should
See the face of your love
At the end of the aisle
And for him, how big you will smile
I pray for the day when you see
Just how much more that face will mean.


Verse 3:
Just the next shining Sunday
I stood in church and I sang
Of the wonders of heaven
Amid voices that rang
With a beauty that stirred
Such excitement in me
As I imagined how
It would all be

And I thought

Chorus 3:
Oh, how I long for
When that will be me
And in white robes I’ll join
Loved ones I miss so dearly
And we’ll walk streets of gold
Without sickness or pain
Smiling joy that no tear can stain.
I just can’t wait for the day
When that’s me.

Verse 4:
I sat down, still afloat
On my sweet, dreaming bliss
But then like the brush
Of a small laughing kiss
My own words to my daughter
Echoed back to my mind
In a Voice
So patiently kind

And It said

Chorus 4:
 Oh, My dear child,
All those things are good
But they’ll all fade away
The moment you should
See your Savior-Groom’s face
At the end of life’s trial.
Then your longing will be for His smile.
My child, one day you will see
Just how much more that Face will mean.



This song is an instance of a very common theme with me: projects can lie dormant or see progress in fits and starts over a very long period of time.  The earliest draft I have on my computer of this song is dated July 2010, and I’m by no means certain that notes or some other beginnings to the song didn’t exist before that time.

And in a way, the project is not precisely done.  Though I don’t foresee the lyrics changing much at this point, I do have a tune composed, and I’ve never managed to make a decent recording of it.  I have every intention of doing so… someday.  But time may still pass before I manage to make it happen.

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