Welcome to A Wayfarer’s Sojourn, the home of one random girl’s various doings.  If something here encourages you, entertains you, or makes you think, it will have achieved its purpose.

For the curious, the random girl in question happens to be named Lydia Paine.  She lives with her sweet and gentlemanly husband, Brock, who despite his sweetness and her legendary hatred of puns, shall always be the one responsible for making her a “Pain”e.  They live with their kitten, Verusha (of whom she will sometimes write), in a house they are gradually fixing up (of which she will also sometimes write).

Lydia is an avid reader, with a particular enthusiasm for the works of C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, and G.K. Chesterton.  Her love of reading has also cultivated a keen interest in writing, and one of the original purposes of this site was to feature some of that work.  However, she has always been given to wide-ranging interests (especially creative ones), and so endeavors in photography, sewing, knitting, calligraphy, clay sculpture… or just about anything else… may also end up featured at some point in time.

This site was only recently declared “complete,” but it does have posts dating back years, and for some time its updates may include more “old” posts appearing in the archives than posts of recent date.  This is due to the fact that Lydia has many older works she would have wanted to share had this site existed at the time they were created, and she has decided to post those things under publication dates that reflect her closest estimate of when they were actually written, photographed, or otherwise created.  In this way, the archives can become something of a timeline rather than displaying material in random, disordered clumps.  This approach does, however, leave much subject to correction: for instance, categories may exist for which she has intended – but not yet posted – content, and post publication dates may change if more accurate information about uncertain creation dates comes to light.

For the time being, though, welcome, and please enjoy what you find.

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