A House to Make a Home

For the first years of our marriage, my husband and I lived quite contentedly in an apartment near our church and my parents.  Eventually, however, we began to feel that the time had come to strike out into home-ownership.  We both knew our ultimate dream – a place out in the country with woods and acreage – was out of reach for us.  In point of fact, I think the best we both hoped for was a house with sufficient conveniences in a quiet subdivision somewhere.

Then we found this place…

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How Not to Make a Guitar Case

Some time back, I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar.  It’s a pursuit that’s seen unfortunate periods of neglect… but that’s another story. 😉  This story starts when I searched for and purchased a lovely guitar, but then decided it was so lovely, it deserved a more protective case than the soft-sided gig bag I’d originally purchased for it.

Then I ran across these chip-board cases for cheap on Craigslist (in the photos that follow, apologies for any poor image quality; I was often working with far less than ideal lighting): Continue reading