Dear Baby

~ To Ashley and Hannah, who gave me this picture of trust*

I held you, Little One, today,

And you watched the world from my arms.
As so many unknowns
Passed you by on their way
To and fro, you looked on unalarmed.

And I walked and I rocked you,
And you, dearest child,
Slowly settled your weight against me,
Laid your head on my shoulder,
And for the first time
In my arms let yourself drift to sleep.

There you lay, and there I,
In a quiet and deep-settled calm,
Stood and treasured the moments
I found in the trust
Of your rest to give shelter and hold.

And I saw as I held you
That the gladness I felt
Welling up just in giving you care
Could not ever come close
To the joy that God finds
When I trust and let Him hold me near.

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